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PASSION PAINTING ~ Watch the slide show below!
Have you ever wanted to paint but just couldn't find the time?

Do you think it would be fun but you "just can't draw or paint," you think you have "no talent"?
Do you have a creative block, or are about to make a new change, or want to try something new?

If you are interested in participating in or hosting a Passion Painting class contact me.


 This workshop, consisting of 3 classes, is co-facilitated with yoga teacher Naomi Devi Prema.


Together we create an environment through  tantra yoga, meditation and music to explore the energies of the Sacred Masculine, Divine Feminine and the Cosmic Union, within ourselves and in our relationships. Participants take this experience into the art form, and then they may share their art and experience with the group.


These workshops are exploratory, creative and rejuvenating and provide a warm kindred community.


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What do you feel?

Take a small brush and dip it into any color that you feel like. Now paint. Something new happens, something that you never expected.