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Making Space for Vision

Tonight I sat with a group of 13 Women and we watched a film about the 13 Grandmothers. That was powerful. They each have their spiritual practice and travel to a new place to meet every 6 months.

They share themselves and together they pray for the world. This is what I want my paintings to be. Each one like a prayer for peace. A prayer for love. I have been asking for images, visions, and they come, all too fast, and transform as they do and I can't catch them fast enough. Tonight I let the 13 Grandmothers come in and make space, make room inside myself. No visions, just quiet. Let the Goddess decide what is needed from me, let her use me as a vehicle. I don't need to know or figure this out or come raging out of the cave trying to prove myself. I'll let it be what it is. And LISTEN.

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