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Personal reflections, New Moon

For the night of the New Moon, I gathered with sisters around a warm fire for a ritual. After the opening the woman beside me guided our journey.

When calling in our guides, aunts of Grandmothers who have passed and the ancestors, I thought of my Grandmother who is 96 and a full token of health. I felt her mother, my great grandmother, come from behind me and wrap her arms around me like a warm blanket. I could not see her, but felt her hand near my pattering heart.

When we walked in our mind's eye through the garden to see the flower that is Our flower and the flower that we are, a swirl began. It formed into a wild scarlet rose and from the opening furl of it's center, a tiger lily uncurled and boasted it's black speckled vivid orange and stamens live with dusty pollen.

I was consumed with a desire to recreate this image with my hands. I imagined myself in the studio with a large diamond shaped bin filled with clay before me, and in it, I was moving my hands, my elbows, pushing the clay with my whole upper body, my chest. How does one throw her whole self into a creation to birth a flower that speaks deeply of one's own nature?

We were asked in our own time to return to the room for intention settling. I saw two things; one is the building of a strong bridge so that you and I can meet, so that I may serve you in what-ever way you need to heal or tap into the brightness of your own innate creative side. The other is a quiet space of my own refuge set in nature, outside of the tangled energetic webs of the city, where silence and spaciousness can allow the deeper messages to come forth. One intention will nourish the other. And so may it be.

What is your intention for your deepest soul to flourish, to actualize your passion and purpose?

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