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Sophie Brunet, BFA, DVATA, CRAT is a professional artist and Registered Art Therapist.

Sophie offers private art therapy for children and adults, helping them to foster more self love and self esteem and make choices that support their desires. Sophie has worked extensively within the first nations communities with children and teens from ages 4 - 17 and has worked with adult individuals and couples in areas of overcoming depression, addictions and resolving intimacy issues.  Sophie facilitated and co-facilitated art therapy workshops from women's circles to professional organizations, has published articles and been featured on radio and TV across Canada for her art and art therapy practice.

​Sophie was raised in an esoteric background and always had an interest in holistic alternative health. She wrote, drew and painted extensively and as she studied Studio Arts at Concordia University, began to sell her work to private collectors. Living as an artist was good but her burning desire to help people needed to be fulfilled. After receiving her BFA, she went on to study Art Therapy and received her Master's level Diploma. As her interests include spirituality, dreams and authentic movement, her thesis focused on transpersonal psychotherapy through art. As Sophie has a passion for personal development, she continued her education in conscious relating, non violent communication, couple's counselling of various methods and intimacy counselling.


Sophie is known for her non-judgmental calm nature and intuitive ability to truly see beneath the surface story. She continues to paint and exhibit, and has a solo show coming this October in downtown Vancouver.

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