Q & A? 


What is art therapy?


Art therapy is an opportunity to know yourself in a new way, to expand your creativity and explore what lies inside you, waiting to be expressed. It is a journey of the soul, an unfolding that is gentle, non-invasive and very effective.


Images relay symbols and emotions. Art therapy is an invitation to unveil your mysterious symbols and come to a deeper understanding of the issues that are arising and allow for inspiring shifts to take place.


-Connects the right and left brain hemispheres
-Facilitates greater emotional intelligence
-Reveals what lies beneath the logical mind and the intellect
-Awakens the inner child, expanding creativity and playfulness

-Brings about many insights
-Connecting with your source; relaxation, fun and rejuvenation


What happens in an art therapy session?


We begin as a counselling session in which we talk and you can tell me where you are at and perhaps where you'd like to be. You are offered art supplies to express through; it is spontaneous and doesn't have to be anything specific. Then we look at it together objectively and I may ask you questions that lead to insights or understanding as to what is being expressed. 


Why does it work?

Through art, we bypass the intellect. Perhaps you have thought about what plagues you and tried to understand it, but art therapy gets straight to the underlying issues. The unconscious becomes conscious.


You are provided with a safe space where you can relax and be heard. First you tell me about where you are at, and where you would like to see positive changes. You are invited to play with simple art tools. As it comes to an end, we putt the images up so that we have an objective point of view and then I facilitate a dialogue between you and the art.