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Hello and a warm welcome to my website!

My vision is to inspire healing in people; to help them increase their self-worth, have more ease in their lives and fulfill their dreams.

My name is Sophie Brunet

Art has always been my lifelong companion, from expressionist-realism and exhibition, to playful self discovery and healing. Art therapy saved my life- it is a powerful vehicle for change and continues to impress me with how powerfully affective it is for people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Art is the language of the soul and needs to be heard.

Please feel free to reach out and connect, share any questions you any have.


"I did an Art Therapy 6-session Miracle package with Sophie. I was depressed and anxious but as the sessions progressed, I felt an emotional release and saw my thoughts and beliefs that held me back. My relationship has improved and I changed career paths and am feeling alive like I never have.' - Jessica
"Thank you so much, my art is still talking to me." _Carolyn
"The experience was exceptional; what Sophie brings out in each of us is truly remarkable. No exaggeration." _Kevin
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Want to Connect?

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