Sophie Brunet, BFA, DVATA, CRAT is a professional artist and Registered Art Therapist. In the field of art therapy, she has taught many workshops solo and within organizations, has published articles, been featured on radio and TV and has facilitated sessions for well over 100 people. Her clients range multi-generationally and across many challenges, from addiction to mental health issues. Her specialty and area of expertise is in helping people with relationships and intimacy.


Sophie was born in the thriving artist's community of Montreal, Quebec where she studied Studio Arts and Psychology at Concordia University. She later earned her Master’s level diploma from Vancouver Art Therapy Institute  in 2004. Finding that breath work and energy movement exercises were an important part of healing, she furthered her training and studies through Conscious Relationship trainings, The Work by Byron Katie, NVC (non-violent communication), Jungian studies, Bader & Patterson Couples Developmental model, yoga (Agama Yoga in Thailand) and Reiki. In 2004, she was certified in Tantric Education and finding that she was highly attuned to this subject, furthered her training through the intensive training at the Somatica Institute to strengthen her skills as a couples and intimacy coach. 


As an artist, Sophie has exhibited her paintings internationally. As a therapist, Sophie’s work is intuitive, interactive, and effective. Easy to talk to and non judgmental, she is often referred to as being serene and calm. Sophie works with both individuals and couples and is welcoming of GLTBQ+ and various lifestyle choices.



                               I did an Art Therapy 6-session miracle package with Sophie. I was depressed and anxious. After the                                     first few sessions I felt an emotional release and then started to see through my images the stuff that                                   was going on under my depression. This helped me move forward in my work and relationship and                                     feel a lot better about myself. i feel new hope and excitement about the future.

                               - Meghan

If you get a chance to attend one of Sophie’s programs, please give yourself a gift and do it. Sophie’s last                             program helped me improve many relationships in my life. She helped me have a better understanding of                         myself, what I want and how to get there. It made me more comfortable with vulnerability, which is the                             foundation of intimacy for me. Sophie shed a light on some of my blind spots and helped me dissolve                                 them. The setting she sets is warm, serene and welcoming. I enjoyed it so much that I did it twice!

                     - Cherl


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