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  Art is a language that allows us to express what words cannot."

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Ready for a miracle? Claim your 6 session Miracle Package.

In person sessions, one on one. We start with where you are, and you're invited to paint, draw, doodle with the art supplies. So far clients have had powerful changes and transformations and wrap up on the 6th session.
Invidual sessions: $130/hr, 6 sesson package: $ 720

Art Therapy Workshops & Events

Art Therapy workshops are a great way to connect with other people while being fully creatively expressed. We begin with a short mindfulness meditation, move into our creative flow and allow the art to come through us how-ever it does, and then come together as a circle with the opportunity to share. It can be an offering; "Here's a little bit about me," or  a discovery, a new insight into yourself brought about through feedback or questions that take you deeper.  

The image to the right was a "Yoga and Art Therapy" workshop to explore art through a more embodied state. Co-facilitated with Naomi Deva Premi.

Community Events

I've provided Arts Therapy groups for the Sea to Sky and Vancouver region for over a decade; Harmony Arts Festival, Wild at Art Events, GLBTQ+ youth, women's centres, addiction centres, for mental health organizations, children's classes, senior's classes and spirituality conventions.

These workshops are a rejuvenating and inspiring way for people to connect in the spirit of creative and intuitive expression. We begin with entering into mindfulness through a simple exercise and then flow into playing with art tools. Participants are invited to share what they create. Feedback can create authentic connection and awaken insights.

To inquire about your Art Therapy Workshop, email


I came to see Sophie because I was feeliing depressed and had no purpose, and I thought getting into smy creativity would help. Tthe art opened up a lot of emotion and trauma;s surfaced from my past that added some perspective. I stopped taking care of every one else and for once did what I wanted. Sophie was a great guide and gave me the courage I needed to move forward in life and align witth my purpose.                                                                                                                                                                                                               - Jessica

That was really cool; I was so confused with all the parts but then my drawing made it really clear and gave me a message on how to move forward and get the kind of relationship I want.                                                                                                      - Michelle

I felt 'stuck' in my creative process. Although I grew up painting and drawing and was an avid artist until my early 20's, a 13-year career in science had stifled my ability to tap into my creative.

As part of my journey to re-open this channel, I took a brilliant workshop co-facilitated by Sophie in which we practiced yoga to get into our bodies, then were led into creative process. She skillfully guided us in a variety of exercises that enabled us to channel our thoughts and feelings in visual form. I witnessed many people in the class, including some who claimed they "can't do art", access their creativity to create beautiful pieces from a place of deep authenticity. I also opened to creative flow in a way I hadn't done in years!

That course initiated a major change in my life: I have quit my job as a scientist to pursue a career as an artist! I'm way happier and it's going really well! Thank you so much, Sophie. I truly honour you, your work and the space you hold for us to find deeper layers of our most authentic selves...our creative life force.

                                                                                                                                                                -Mary Pines

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