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"Art is a language that allows us to express what words cannot"

Art Therapy workshops are a great way to connect with other people while being fully creatively expressed. We begin with a short mindfulness meditation, move into our creative flow and allow the art to come through us how-ever it does, and then come together as a circle with the opportunity to share. It can be an offering; "Here's a little bit about me," or  a discovery, a new insight into yourself brought about through feedback or questions that take you deeper.  

The image to the right was a "Yoga and Art Therapy" workshop to explore art through a more embodied state. 


What is art therapy?


Art therapy is an opportunity to know yourself in a new way, to expand your creativity and explore what lies inside you, waiting to be expressed. It is a journey of the soul, an unfolding that is gentle, non-invasive and very effective.


Images relay symbols and emotions. Art therapy is an invitation to unveil your mysterious symbols and come to a deeper understanding of the issues that are arising and allow for inspiring shifts to take place.


-Connects the right and left brain hemispheres
-Facilitates greater emotional intelligence
-Reveals what lies beneath the logical mind and the intellect
-Awakens the inner child, expanding creativity and playfulness

-Brings about many insights
-Connecting with your source; relaxation, fun and rejuvenation


How does it work?


We begin as a counselling session in which we talk and you can tell me where you are at and perhaps where you'd like to be. You are offered art supplies to express through; it is spontaneous and doesn't have to be anything specific. Then we look at it together objectively and I may ask you questions that lead to insights or understanding as to what is being expressed. 


Why does it work?

Through art, we bypass the intellect. Perhaps you have thought about what plagues you and tried to understand it, but art therapy gets straight to the underlying issues. The unconscious becomes conscious.



Children are often bubbling wells of creativity. Art therapy can help strengthen this while fostering a good self esteem and becoming clear about their ideas and dispelling their fears and anxieties. The art takes shape as does play and when least expected, a story comes out, often about the things resting deep in their heart that they have no words for. The art is a birthing process, allowing the new self worth and confidence to come forward.



Very often this takes place in a workshop context as they love to connect and share their depth of life with each other. The group context creates an ability to share from a deeper place than talking about the externals of life. They are often surprised and pleased to find what they have in common and delighted to realize the meaning behind their art which appears random. If it IS random, it was a relaxing activity yet very often their is a profound reflection in each drawing that comes as a surprise.  

Art Therapy Workshops

Would  you like to include an Art Therapy workshop in your Event Schedule?


These workshops are a rejuvenating and inspiring way for people to come together in the spirit of creative and intuitive expression. We begin with entering into mindfulness through a simple exercise and then flow into playing with simple art tools. You will be invited to share what you create. Feedback can create authentic connection and bring about insights.


Examples: Harmony Arts Festival, Wild at Art Events, for mental health organizations, children's classes, senior's classes, spirituality conventions, etc.

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Four years ago, I felt 'stuck' in my creative process. Although I grew up painting and drawing and was an avid artist until my early 20's, a 13-year career in science had stifled my ability to tap into my creative.
As part of my journey to re-open this channel, I took a brilliant workshop co-facilitated by Sophie in which we practiced yoga to get into our bodies, then were led into creative process. She skillfully guided us in a variety of exercises that enabled us to channel our thoughts and feelings in visual form. I witnessed many people in the class, including some who claimed they "can't do art", access their creativity to create beautiful pieces from a place of deep authenticity. I also opened to creative flow in a way I hadn't done in years!

That course initiated a major change in my life: I have quit my job as a scientist to pursue a career as an artist! I'm way happier and it's going really well! Thank you so much, Sophie. I truly honour you, your work and the space you hold for us to find deeper layers of our most authentic selves...our creative life force.

                                                                                                                                     Mary Pines